Who We Are

Mesmerizing bamboo fusion is a Northeast (Assam) based label founded by Mrs Binapani Talukdar.
The brand started with a compassionate love for the crafts and weaves of the Northeast with a  hope to give a new lease of life to the local crafts and weaves.
 The thought and ambition of the brand soulfully depends on promoting the cultures of my mother land. The rich heritage, bright colours and mesmerizing crafts are a food to eyes seeking beauty.
We aim to provide good employment and earning opportunities for the locals of Assam. Our hard working team is majorly composed of determined and self sufficient women and craftsmen of the Lakhimpur, Assam.
Rich and luxurious silks blended with fashion to the perfect amount to create perfection. We design to give you the perfect fusion of hand woven traditional fabrics updated on fashion for the best.
We are The Mesmerizing Bamboo Fusion. We stand by our motherland.
We wear our cultures as our shield and reside in the connection to the roots of our origin.

In the year 2015 we have organized training programs on Bamboo Jewelry & Bag making in our industry at Dhalpur , Assam.We have trained around 100 (One Hundred) artisans especially women from the rural areas participated actively in the training programs following which the Artisans were given part time job of making pieces for Jewelries like Earrings, Necklaces, Finger rings, Hair Bands, Clips, Brooch pins, Bangles, Bracelets, Armlets, Anklets& fashion accessories by our unit. Subsequently, Bag making training was also imparted to the local youths and women. The local weavers weave handloom products designed by designer Dr ElinaTalukdar.So far she has designed around 500 neckpieces and 600 earrings  besides other designs. We have adopted a policy to encourage the trained craftsmen to continue with theseart formsand despite a few imperfections we accept them and in that imperfection lies the perfection of the handicrafts.Gradually over a time period the semi skilled artisans become skilled and acquire the finesse.

Of late we have come up with a new and innovative concept of Bamboo embellished textile products adding attractive handmade bamboo beads and ornaments in Muga, Eri, Paat&local handloom attires.This has proved to be a boon for the locals as it has generated employment opportunities with minimum resources in the small village of Dhalpur and surrounding areas. In order to provide marketing strategies & sustained employment opportunities to the trained artisans of the area we send craftsmen to participate in different exhibitions to display and sell the finished products meticulously made by them.

Slowly but steadily, MBF has created a niche in bamboo designing within the state and outside.It is a name to which brings to our mind Bamboo jewellery ,costumes,fashion,lifestyle accessories,furniture,simultaneously.

Representatives from MBF participated in various training programs, seminars, workshops& exhibitions through our unit in different parts of India.

Our designer Dr ElinaTalukdar has participated in numerous fashion shows the main being:

  • North East Festival 2017 held in New Delhi showcasing Bamboo jewelry and textile products.
  •  Indian Fashion Jewelleries and Accessories Show 2017 in Noida
  • Indian International Trade Fair PragatiMaidan since 2015
  • Miss India North East 2017
  • DY Calender Girl.
  • East India Fashion Week 2018
  • Rongali Festival 2018
  • Thai Indian Fun Fair,Bangkok,Thailand 2018
  • Spring Summer Kids Fest 2018

From being a start up industry to a full fledged industry we at mbF  have had numerous successful stints and each stint is a heartfelt tribute to the local artisans working with us at all levels.